From its beginnings Greenhouse was designed in order to minimize its impact on the environment. We are always trying our best to be environmentally responsible and follow the practices of green living.

Many fruits or vegetables that are cooked here are grown here using organic fertilizers and modern farming techniques such as aquaponics.

Consumption of plastic water bottles is kept at the minimum by providing free water refill to our guests.

All packaging used is recyclable. We provide our customers with bio-degradable straws, cardboard boxes and bio-plastic bags coming from Eco-sense.

Aluminium and plastic containers are collected and brought to a recycling facility.

Organic kitchen waste is recycled between our compost and chicken den.

Accomodation are traditional Khmer huts built with natural materials such as palm tree leaves and rattan. Led type lights are used, wich use about 90% less power than traditional light bulbs.

Our staff collect garbage floating down the river daily, which is then brought to down at the municipal dump.