From its beginnings Greenhouse was designed in order to minimize its impact on the environment. We are always trying our best to be environmentally responsible and follow the practices of green living. In no particular order, those are all the little things we do to help

  • Many fruits or vegetables that are cooked here are grown here using organic fertilizers and modern farming techniques such as aquaponics. Our home production include mint, basil, pepper elder, moringa, banana, papaya...
  • Consumption of plastic water bottles is kept at the minimum by providing free water refill to our guests.
  • All packaging used is recyclable. We provide our customers with bamboo toothbrush, stainless straws, cardboard boxes and bio-plastic bags coming from Eco-sense.
  • Aluminium and plastic containers are collected and brought to a recycling facility.
  • Glass bottles are given to a nearby project to be recyled as building material.
  • Organic kitchen waste is recycled between our large compost bins, house dog and chicken den.
  • While there is no garbage collection outside of Kampot city, we bring all our non recyclable waste to town for it to be disposed properly by the garbage company.
  • Accomodation are traditional Khmer huts built with renewable natural materials such as palm tree leaves and rattan.
  • While made of hard wood, the main building was already existing in Phnom Penh before we opened. It was moved to be repurposed as the GreenHouse restaurant.
  • We do not offer air-con, our accomodation is with fan only.
  • Towels are washed only on request.
  • Led type lights are used, wich use about 90% less power than traditional light bulbs.
  • Our staff cleans the river bank from plastic waste on a daily basis but remember we're all in this together. If you see something that doesn't belong to the river, please drop it in the container near the stairs and our staff will take it to the municipal dump. If you bring back a full bag we have a cold beer waiting for you as well :)