Kampot pepper

During the French occupation of Indochina, the black Kampot pepper was on every table all around France. The Khmer rouge eliminated the pepper production and replaced it with rice fields. Luckily some farmers managed to uphold this legacy by hiding their pepper plants in the forest. It was only in 2006 that the production restarted from the ashes with Farmlink - Kadode and the Kampot Pepper Farmers Association.

Today Kampot pepper is coming back not only to French tables but across the globe. Due to its small production and exceptional quality, the price is very high and it is considered as a spice of exception.

Kampot pepper can be found fresh (green and red) or dried (black, red, white). Long pepper has also been grown in the region for long time but was mostly ignored until recently. Each pepper has a different flavour and is more or less appropriate depending on the recipe, for example, fresh red pepper works very well with sugar. Our chef uses many cooking techniques, constantly experimenting with cooking temperatures, infusions, oils and emulsions to bring out their subtleties in flavour not just the heat that is generally experienced with pepper.

All the pepper used in our restaurant comes from FarmLink. This local company is doing an amazing job at buying and hand sorting only the best of Kampot pepper with certified Geographical Indication. The Farmlink workshop is located near the new bridge in Kampot.