Kampot river

As the river is quite short the tide has a huge effect on it and brings salty water upstream during the dry season. This salty layer gets pushed away as soon as the first rain starts in rainy season and the dam gets opened daily again.

The brackish water of the Kampot river is a habitat for some mangrove trees such as the nipa palm and the mangrove apple tree. Both trees are very common all along the river and are used by the locals as building material. They are natural protectors against erosion and function as fish nurseries.

An educational tour of the Kampot river is offered by our captain Bjorn who takes you on a 3 hours LoveTheRiver boat trip. Bjorn stops his engine every now and then to explain about trees, birds, fruit and local life along the river. His tour includes a stop for a swim and a walk around a local fruit plantation. He will bring you to one of the narrowest side streams of the river in the direction of stoeng keo.

The water ranging from the rapids by the dam upstream of GreenHouse to just a little bit past us, is the most refreshing and offers the most enjoyable swimming experience. Every afternoon a few fishing fleets from the nearby local cham fishing villages go out to sea and bring back with them a variety of fresh seafood made available to those in Kampot. Those boats can be seen at the riverfront in kampot around 5pm or for people who are early birds at around 6am on their way back home.

Enjoy your day at GreenHouse, one of the best spots along the river for a swim.