Tropical garden

GreenHouse was originally a small durian plantation, with 11 trees producing every year this Khmer favorite. Some mangoustines and rambutans trees were already part of the original plantation.

Over the years, we completed the fruits collection with banana, papaya, passion, lime, mango and coconuts, more than 20 of differents trees produce fruits all year long.

We also collected more than 100 different species of flower, cactus, fougere, greasy plant, together .One of the biggest orchids collection of Cambodia , more than 50 differents orchids and vanilla.

Moringa trees were also added more recently as we are using their leaves in both our kitchen and our aquaponic system. About 8 pepper plants can also be seen on the right side of the gate


Lots of wildlife is hanging around GreenHouse. If you are patient and a good observer, you will be able to spot many of the local birds, lizards, butterflies, dragon flies, squirrels, as well as the occasional snakes or spiders.

There are also about 50 Koy fishes leaving peacefully in our pond, which is naturally filtered using aquatic plants. The running water and lush greenery of that space is providing a nice and cool atmosphere on a hot day.