Around GreenHouse

The GreenHouse is located in the ‘‘ Snam Prampi ’’ village. Visting this small village by the Kampot river is a great opportunity to discover the original and traditional Khmer lifestyle.

Centers of the Cambodian way of life, the market and the wat are really easy to reach by foot.

Along the small dirt track lining the river, the villagers are growing mostly durian fruits, the symbol of the Kampot province.

About 2 km away from GreenHouse, you will find Kampot zoo. While the life conditions of animals are deplorable, they will probably enjoy a friendly visit from you, especially if you are able to bring food with you to feed them. The entrance fee is 5$ per visitor.

Past the zoo, at the end of the road you can stop for a sugar canne juice at the Teuk chhou rapids. This spot is very popular with locals, coming there to relax in hammocks and get their feet wet.

Alternatively, you can take the small ferry with your bike, cross the river and follow the dirt track on the east bank all the way to Kampot (about 12km).

The slow pace of the Cambodian countryside will let you appreciate fully the stunning views and the warmth of Khmer people, always ready for a smile and a friendly “hello”.

 Rental Price
Scooter $6.00 / Day