Bokor mountain

The hill station was created by the French in 1921, and partially destroyed by the Khmer rouge in 1979. The site is owned by the government but since 3 years is leased to the Sokimex Group who re-built the road and are redeveloping the site. Heading west from Kampot on National Highway 3, around 8km out look for signs for Bokor Hill Station on the right. Now fo free you can enter the checkpoint and follow the best road in Cambodia up to the peak.

Temperatures in Bokor are lower than in Kampot, generally staying in the 15-25 Celcius range. On a clear day, there are stunning views down into the valley, Kampot town scenery, coastline of Kampot and Sihanoukville. In rainy season, it is swathed in rolling clouds and visibility drops to zero. You are recommended to bring warm clothes. The Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino, and the french church are historical buildings created by the French in 1921. The view of the bay is amazing.

Popokvil Waterfall is a popular refreshing spot. Connect with nature and get your feet wet before heading back.

Native flowers like Nephentes, wild orchids and more can be observed at many locations in the Bokor mountain.

Scooter $6.00 / Day
Scooter with driver $30.00 / Day
Private taxi $45.00 / Day