Kampot area

Situated along the Kampot River at the foot of the Elephant Mountains near Phnom Bokor National Park, Kampot town is like no other found in regional Cambodia.

Its amazing sunsets, wide avenues and bright, double-storey shop-houses lend the town a peaceful, old-world colonial charm – one which is greatly enhanced by its resident collection of friendly locals and eccentric expats. Further afield, Kampot Province is home to ancient ruins, Buddhist cave-temples, and the haunting Bokor Hill Station, along with its world-renowned pepper plantations, and (conveniently for local chefs)the odd moonscapes of its many salt-pans.

A littler further down the road, you will find the resort town of Kep with its popular crab market and the departure pier for Rabbit Island.

To visit the countryside of Kampot, you can either hire a tuk tuk with driver or rent scooters. Rentals are available for in house guests only.

Main points of interest

Salt fields
Cham fishing village
Temple cave (Phnom Chhnork)
Secret lake
Pepper plantation
Kep (Crab market, beach)

Scooter $6.00 / Day
Tuk Tuk tour $40.00 / Day