Kampot pepper restaurant

GreenHouse restaurant offers an inventive and traditional cuisine, with a special focus on the star of local products, the internationally acclaimed Kampot Pepper.

Start well your day with your choice of "a la carte" breakfast. Full english, Asian or French breakfast, fresh juices, croissants and your favorite coffee or tea.

Our extensive coffee selection is prepared by knowledgable staff, using a state of the art Italian coffee machine. Coffee beans are sourced from Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, roasted at Rumble Fish, a local roastery using an artisanal process.

Discover our chef's suggestions in his Kampot pepper discovery menu, such as our "Amok revisited", a retake on the Khmer classic Fish Amok, using a fillet of Cobia fish accompanied with local seasonal vegetables, a true fusion of French and Khmer utilising Kampot red and bird's pepper to it utmost. Vegetarians will not be left behind with original creations such as our Mungo bean Risotto or the All around the broccoli.

Everyday at 4pm, freshly baked out of the oven, catch another of Greenhouse's specialities : chocolate cookies with fresh red Kampot pepper! The subtle mix of flavors guarantee an original and tasty experience you won't forget.

Sunset time on the river is the best moment to enjoy one of our delicious house cocktails. Prepared with fresh organic greens from our aquaponic system, drinks likeĀ  the "Fresh green" will surprise you with their original flavor. Healthy non-alcoholic cocktails such as the "Aloe soda" or the "Basil cooler" are also available and perfectly refreshing options after a lazy day dipping in the river.

For a complete dining experience, you will also find a large selection of imported wines, mainly from French and Australian origins.

All the pepper used in our restaurant comes from FarmLink, a local company doing an amazing job at sourcing from over 100 local pepper farms and hand sorting only the best of Kampot pepper with certified Geographical Indication (pepper must be located within the area and grown according to the established quality standards, which means organic farming), whether it is fresh (green and red) or dried (black, red, white).

You can also experiment Kampot pepper at home with those recipes from our chef!

We are always trying our best to be environmentally responsible and follows the practices of green living. Amongst other things, we provide our customers with stainless steel straws, cardboard boxes for take away and bio-plastic bags coming from Eco-sense.

The restaurant's kitchen is open daily from 7am until 8:30pm