Kampot pepper restaurant

The restaurant in GreenHouse offer an inventive and traditional cuisine, with origins from France, Mediterranean and Cambodia and a special focus on the star of local products, the internationally acclaimed Kampot Pepper

To start well your day, choose a French breakfast with croissants, chocolate bread, fresh fruit juice and a real latte coffee.

Discover our chef's favourite specialities in his Kampot pepper discovery menu as the fresh red and white pepper fish tartare or the duck leg with bird's pepper juice.

Everyday at 4pm, freshly baked out of the oven, catch another of Greenhouse's specialities : chocolate cookies with fresh red Kampot pepper!  The subtle mix of flavors guarantee an original and tasteful experience you won't forget.

Don't miss of course the delicious traditional Khmer recipes. The Crab with fresh Green Kampot pepper or the snapper in "croute de sel", which flesh is especially tasteful.

For a complete dining experience, you will also find a large selection of imported wines, mainly from French and Argentinian origins.

All the pepper used in our restaurant is coming from FarmLink, a local company doing an amazing job at buying and hand sorting only the best of Kampot pepper with certified Geographical Indication, whether it is fresh (green and red) or dried (black, red, white).

The restaurant's kitchen is open daily from 7am until 8:30pm